Saturday, March 6, 2010

Straight Allies can support Transguys! The Sarah Washburn Challenge!

I have the best friends in the world. I know, yours are fantastic, but seriously - check this out. My friend Sarah has initiated a $500 Matching Grant for our Non-Trans allies! Sarah believes (and we know) our non-trans friends will donate up to $500, which she has promised to match! That's right, kids: every dollar you donate UP TO $500, Sarah will MATCH. That's the kind of friends I HAVE.

Please hit the DONATE button, and send your money and a note saying it's part of the Sarah Washburn Matching Grant. Anything counts. Write a check to KELLI DEPUY (our $ keeper) and send it to Depuy, 712 Gomains ave. Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Hand over some cash. You just spent $12 on a double latte and an US Weekly, I know because I was behind you getting chapstick (my lips are falling off, people). So c'mon, help a transguy out.

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