Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hearty, Heady, Heart-felt THANKS

I cannot wait one minute more – I absolutely must THANK YOU right now! Dan and I ended Chestfest and hit the ground running with end-of-semester tests, projects, and finals, so I apologize for not writing sooner. We’re frizazzled, but not too tired to tell you what an amazing event Chestfest turned out to be. Even our most jaundiced besties remarked that the “outpouring of love was overwhelming.”  Everywhere the eye could land were examples of the kind of work and commitment people brought to the event:  nights spent in rehearsal, knitting, frosting cupcakes, making signs, getting babysitters; days spent painting, creating spread-sheets and web sites, making phone calls, asking for donations. Our friends devoted hours of their evening in bidding wars and silent raffles, consuming cupcakes and beers and sharing hugs and getting moustaches AND
And happen it did. For those of us who were able to be at the ArtsCenter, it was nothing short of magical. And those of you whose generosity and kindness and largesse made it possible – we held you there in spirit.
Thank you all – Danny Depuy, Sarah Washburn, Jessica Blanpied-Larson, Judith Smith. Thanks Lawruh Lindsay, Amelia’s Mechanics, Justin Robinson and the Mary Annettes,Terri Phoenix,  Amy-Jae and the Devoted, Shannon Windsor, and Ava Johnson! Bowing now to everybody at the ArtsCenter, to Ali Nickles, to CK Berkowitz and Max Bowman and so many, many more!
Chestfest alone made $3,400. That, coupled with donations brings the total to a hair over $5,200. And by hair, I mean the manly curl of the soon to be flattened chesticle variety.  Because $5200, plus my savings and credit cards, means the total cost of $7500 is totally attainable. Wow. You made that happen. We made it happen.
So thank you. And hang on to your unicorn’s saddle-horn because this ride is just beginning. Those of us interested and invested in our Triangle trans-community will be meeting soon to establish the non-profit devoted to helping our local friends and family meet their medical costs. I can’t wait for my surgery to happen, and neither should somebody else.
With so much love and gratitude,
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